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Top 10 Freehold Condos in Singapore


Freehold condominium investments in Singapore have several benefits. The ownership of a freehold condo is permanent; it is totally unlike that of leasehold properties. It is a lifetime possession, which does not stand expired. Thereby, it gives the person peace and stability of mind; for this reason, it experiences great demand from people looking for freehold property in the real estate market in Singapore.

Understanding Freehold Condo

Freehold tenure carries with it the allowance for owners to possess and own the property they acquire without limit or end. While in the case of leasehold property ownership by anybody reverts after either 99 or 999 years, depending on the prevailing policy. Freehold status not only secures long-term equity but also afford control with the possibility that it will appreciate with time. The freehold properties are an all-time favourite for the long-term investor and a safe real estate investment for one buying his home.

Top 10 Freehold Condos in Singapore

Highlighting Idyllic Residences: A Serene Getaway in East Coast

Idyllic Residences is one of the finest examples of freehold luxury. Located in the peaceful East Coast neighbourhood, this condominium provides an exceptional fusion of contemporary living and relaxing surroundings. It was constructed by Hillwood Development Pte Ltd and has 29 condominium units, all of which are elegantly and comfortably designed.

Location and Accessibility

Idyllic Residences, which is situated at 52 Lorong M Telok Kurau, benefits from its advantageous location. Residents there will be able to access the upcoming Marine Terrace MRT station very easily and to the rest of Singapore. Besides, it is within walking distance of several renowned schools such as CHIJ (Katong) Primary, St. Patrick's School, and Tao Nan School; hence, very ideal for the family.

Facilities and Amenities

The condo provides lots of facilities to cater to the residents' relaxing and active lifestyles. This includes swimming pools, a gymnasium, and a barbecue area. The available amenities provide them with doorsteps, making it very convenient for them.

Unveiling Natura @ Hillview: Modern Living Amidst Nature

Natura @ Hillview is set in the new thought of perfect living against the inviting beauty of nature in District 23. This condo provides comfort with the right touch of nature, tastefully crafted to cater to the modern homeowner.

Architectural Style and Unit Types

Natura @ Hillview - the modern architecture at its development perfectly matches the surrounding natural environment. Consisting of 193 units at the development, it has a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units in each apartment. Each unit has been well designed to make space optimization perfect and allow enough openness to let in natural light for one to feel more inviting and warm in their home.

Enhancing Lifestyle with Facilities

Among the condominium facilities include fitness centres, swimming pools, and fully landscaped gardens. These facilities are designed to improve not only their quality of life but also to encourage being active and healthy living.

Strategic Location

Natura @ Hillview is perfectly located in Hillview Terrace and can be accessed by public transportation and major expressways. This location offers dual benefits: living away from the city hustle in a quiet spot, and at the same time, having various urban conveniences within easy reach, most certainly add perfection of living balance to its dwellers.

The Exclusivity of Leedon Residence Near Orchard Road

Leedon Residence redefines luxury living, with sprawling grounds and sophisticated design, located near the vibrant Orchard Road. This is an exclusive development built to cater only to the discerning few who can appreciate all this refinement and proximity to a locale in one of the finest neighbourhoods of the country.

Architectural Highlights and Unique Design Features

The architectural genius of Leedon Residence merges in well with its lush surrounding landscape. Within its large homes, lavished with the finest materials and fitted with the most sought-after finishes, the serene views of the gardens are given by the huge windows and private balconies.

Proximity to Lifestyle Hubs and Essential Services

With its best location, near Orchard Road, every convenience is assured within Leedon Residence. Besides, this is a perfect surrounding since the schools with the most reputable learning facilities lie right in the area. The most useful thing is that essential services and health facilities are just a stone's throw away.

Types of Units and Luxury Amenities Available

Leedon comprises a total of 381 units, starting from spacious 1-bedroom units to large 5-bedroom family homes. All units are provided with fully fitted units with luxurious finishing and equipped with the latest appliances. These facilities include a large swimming pool, a well-modernized gym, and beautiful gardens where residents can take part in a series of outdoor activities.

Exploring Rivergate: Water-View Living in Singapore

Rivergate gives you a chance to live on the very waterfront in the centre of Singapore. It’s an ideal position along the river that provides homeowners with stunning views and a distinctive lifestyle that combines the peace of the riverbank with the convenience of metropolitan amenities.

Location Benefits of Rivergate

Situated next to the Singapore River, Rivergate offers homeowners easy access to the waterfront and a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides that, the development is located very centrally in the Central Business District. This gives each executive easy access from the office to scenic river views in his or her riverfront home.

Unique Aspects Such as Panoramic Views and High-End Facilities

Rivergate is very renowned due to the great city and river views, which offer an unrestricted backdrop for the people living there. The facilities that the development offers are high-end—an infinity pool, tennis courts, and private jetties for personal watercraft—unrivalled by any ordinary residence in a city.

Facilities and Unit Types That Cater to Diverse Needs

With a diversity of one to four-bedroom units in an apartment and even luxurious penthouses, Rivergate can accommodate 545 condos. Every home is developed at the highest design level, with spacious layouts and up-to-date fittings, providing great living experience.

Exploring Goodwood Grand: Quietness in the City Core

Goodwood Grand is a haven of peace amid the bustling streets of District 10 in Singapore. This development offers a tranquil getaway without compromising accessibility by fusing the ease of city living with the tranquillity of the outdoors.

Features of Goodwood Grand

The tower, complete with skyscrapers and private balconies, presents stunning views, both across the lush canopy and towards the city skyline. Comprising only 73 units, the development promises exclusive living.

Benefits of Its Location Near Central Singapore

It is situated right off Orchard Road, hence easily accessible to the shopping and business belts. It's nestled quietly in one of the flourishing neighbourhoods, hence a rare development site minutes away from the city's bursting centre.

Amenities Available for Luxury and Comfort

Goodwood Grand is designed to provide several amenities befitting luxury and comfort. To name, it will have a sky terrace, an infinity pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and a lush landscaping garden. These facilities promise residents convenience with excellent lifestyle options.

Delving into Guillemard Edge: Stylish Living with Accessibility

Guillemard Edge is just perfect for modern young professionals and families in search of style and convenience within an urban environment. Located at the very prime site of a lively district in Singapore. It is one of the developments for freehold showcase modern facilities amidst convenience.

Key Attributes of Guillemard Edge

Its elegant architecture and well-considered design make this development appealing. Guillemard Edge offers a total of 275 units of various types, all built with the concept of maximizing space and natural light. It has high-quality, luxurious finishes to make sure that one is comfortable in his dwelling.

Accessibility to CBD and Major Entertainment Areas

Guillemard Edge has easier access to the Central Business District and popular leisure areas. This is facilitated by good connectivity from the different MRT stations in the vicinity that enable movement to work or leisure spots. Most importantly, major expressways will just be a short drive away—easy access to any part of the city.

Amenities and Facilities Aimed at Young Professionals and Families

The condo unit is filled with amenities that cater to a life of leisure and an active lifestyle. The rooftop pool, gym, and function rooms are all set for the residents to freshen up after a hard day's work, or in some cases, to prepare for socializing. All these amenities not only add quality to lifestyle but also bring a community atmosphere.

Introducing Freehold 4-Bedroom Near Nanyang Primary School: Ideal for Families

Ideal for homestayers who need schools nearby and spacious living. This Freehold 4-bedroom is within the vicinity of Nanyang Primary School. Good-size units for the full condo facility property. Sited within an estate famous for schools.

Larger Units for Family Living

Units with four bedrooms develop within the establishment. It leaves proper space for the family. These are the luxury units that are developed within the establishment for a larger family unit. They have an essence of large living areas, modern kitchens, and large and comfortable bedrooms, ideal for a family that seeks extra space.

Benefits of Reputable Schools Near You

This development is poised at the 1km perimeter of Nanyang Primary School—one of Singapore's highly sought-after primary schools—thus enjoying a whole host of benefits for family educational planning. For one, living within such an esteemed institution's vicinity would ensure that the children get to receive quality education—a key factor when it comes to attracting parents.

Features and Amenities: Value-Added for Family Living

This is besides its large units and offers a good room for the family. It offers amenities to children, among them, being playgrounds, swimming pools, and landscaped gardens that are kept safe. These facilities are there not for fun and leisure but to add quality to life in the residences.

Exploring The Continuum: Modern Conveniences at Your Doorstep

The Continuum is the epitome of modern contemporary living, suitable for a fusion of comfort, convenience, and modern design. The development under freehold enjoys a perfect location with all kinds of urban amenities that can effortlessly be accessed.

Strategic Location with Double Advantage

Continuum is strategically located, offering its residents relatively easy and convenient in gaining access to markets, schools, and health facilities among many others. Its location also offers room for ease of transportation to the city centre, which is quite attractive and rich in office blocks, shopping malls, and entertainment outlets. The balance offers a great appeal for those who might like to live in town and be close to the amenities of the city but desire a quieter neighbourhood.

Facilities Catering to Modern Lifestyles

With a total of 816 condos to offer, it has all the modern facilities for modern living. These include smart homes with complete gyms, lap pools, and areas for children. In smart home technology, development is enhanced with high-security convenience for all residents.

The Unique Charm of Atrium Residences: Family-Friendly and Convenient

Atrium Residences is the beacon for families seeking an establishment where they will find comfort, convenience, and community. Atrium Residences is a freehold development with a total of 142 units, set in a strategic way, to provide a peaceful living environment with fast access to urban facilities.

Strategic Location and Benefits for Residents

Centrally located within one of the popular yet serene neighbourhoods, the Atrium Residences are accessible to some of the classiest shopping centres, elite parks, and top-class dining within the vicinity. Being that it is near major transportation links, it considerably reduces the time taken travelling from one point to another to meet family needs. This perfect positioning makes it an ideal choice for both families and professionals.

Facilities That Enhance Community Living

Community living facilities entail several aspects. The Atrium Residences is not just a place of residence; rather, it is an opportunity for energetic community life. The amenities in the development include interaction and recreation facilities. These can include the swimming pool, children's playgrounds, or even ample and friendly green spaces where one can either retire for a quiet time with their family or go outside their apartment.

The Exclusive Experience at Tribeca by the Waterfront

The Tribeca by the Waterfront is in a world of its own, blending pure luxury and unobstructed views in an elegant prime freehold property. The offered amenities at this address are nothing less and truly belong to a class in itself for refined and deluxe living.

Emphasis on Luxury and Waterfront Views

Each one of the 175 units at Tribeca has been designed to allow the view of water features and to take advantage of bringing an element of natural tranquillity into the environment, which is rarely found in a metropolis. The development also comes with top-notch facilities, including the latest model fitness centre, lap pools, and private balconies that can serve as personal retreats.

High-class facilities for Upscale Lifestyles

Showcasing the best quality in construction and luxury finishes throughout the development proves attention to detail. Residents can experience an ensemble of top-flight facilities, all designed to perfection for relaxation and an active lifestyle to ensure that every need meets the most sophisticated style.

Comparing Freehold vs. leasehold Properties in Singapore

Therefore, among the things to know while considering Singapore's property investment, the difference between freehold properties and leasehold properties is very necessary. Both have considerations and advantages so that they may either affect long-term satisfaction or influence investment returns.

Emphasis on Luxury and Waterfront Views

The freehold properties are valued for their permanence since ownership never expires. This injects a sense of long-term security and also the possibility for property value appreciation over some time. On the other hand, leasehold properties usually have either a 99 or 999-year lease and come into the market cheaper, but they always lose their residual value as the lease ages, especially when the remaining lease gets short.

Impact on Property Value and Investment Potential

Freehold properties, therefore, often bear a higher market value because they experience an indefinite tenure. This makes the type of tenure very attractive for potential investors looking for properties that hold value and allow potential capital appreciation. With this, leasehold properties are cheap and have to be taken into careful insight about the lease term, which can make a big difference in resale value.

Decision-Making for Buyers

The choice between freehold condos and leasehold properties is a matter of individual choice, suitable to the financial goals, investment horizon, and personal circumstances of each. At the same time, freehold homes may appeal to families who prefer the added security of knowing their home could be passed on to future generations. With that, investors can compare the cost savings in the initial investment in leasehold properties with the potential gain, in the long run, should they decide to go for freeholding.

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