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Executive Condo Income Ceiling in Singapore

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Executive Condo Income Ceiling in Singapore

As of the latest government guidelines, the income ceiling for EC(executive condominiums) is set at $16,000 per month for households. This EC income ceiling applies to both first-time buyers and second-time applicants who meet certain eligibility conditions.

The income ceiling serves as a benchmark to ensure that EC ownership remains within reach of the intended target group.

Income ceiling limits for different types of households

The income ceiling limits can vary depending on the composition of the household.

The income ceiling limits for ECs in Singapore vary depending on the composition of the household. The government has established different income thresholds to cater to households of varying sizes and structures.


Singles who are Singapore citizens can qualify for an EC if their monthly income does not exceed the income ceiling set for singles. The current income ceiling for singles is $7,000 per month.


Couples applying for an EC have a higher income ceiling compared to singles. The income ceiling for couples is typically set at a higher amount to accommodate the combined income of both individuals. Currently, the income ceiling for couples is $14,000 per month.


Families with different family nucleus compositions, such as couples with children or multigenerational families, also have specific income ceiling limits. The income ceilings are set to consider the needs and financial capacities of households with dependents. The current income ceiling for families is $16,000 per month.


It is important to note that the income ceiling limits mentioned above are subject to changes and should be verified with the latest government guidelines when considering an EC purchase. These income ceilings serve as a means to ensure that EC remain accessible to households within specific income brackets.

Exceptions and Variations to the Income Ceiling Rules

In certain cases, exceptions and variations to the income ceiling rules may be allowed.

For instance, families with members who have disabilities may be eligible for higher income ceilings. Additionally, some EC projects may have specific income ceiling criteria based on their location or development characteristics.

It is essential for potential buyers to be aware of these exceptions and variations when considering an EC purchase.

Is the EC Income Ceiling Frightening?

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Is the Executive Condo Income Ceiling Frightening?

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