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It seems like mixed-use development projects are what Singaporeans are going for these days. Not surprising there!

J’Den is a newly launched mixed-use development developed by CapitalLand. The private Singapore property is located at the heart of the JLD(Jurong Lake District) where most transformation around the area will be happening.

Set to TOP in 2027, there is no doubt that J’Den will be the most popular property around JLD for its great locality. If you are a partygoer, a working adult working within the area, a buyer who loves to enjoy great amenities, or simply an investor who’s looking for capital appreciation. 


This property might just be the one!

J’Den Review: New Exciting Mixed-Use Development

History of J’Den, formerly known as JCube

This isn’t the first transformation the shopping district had. Formerly known as Jurong Entertainment centre, the mall was later converted to JCube in 2010. 

Unlike the other nearby malls such as Westgate, IMM, and JEM that target shoppers, JCube’s user demographic consists mainly of teens and young adults. The mall focuses on active lifestyle and community-based lifestyle entertainment. It’s popular amongst the West for its indoor skating rink that the public can access.


With the rise of popularity for mixed-use development, it makes sense for JCube to be revamped to cater to residential living as well. In a space that not only caters to shoppers but also to 368 residential units as well.

Upcoming transformation of JLD

Over the upcoming decade, the Singapore government plans to push for major upgrades in the JLD. This initiative of JLD is expected to be the model sustainability district with a goal to achieve net-zero emissions for new developments around 2045. 

With JLD becoming the next CBD(central business district) in Singapore, the opportunity for J’Den over the next few years looks flavorful. By 2027, we would have the Tengah avenue fully built up that connects more areas of the west.

This means more work opportunities will be coming in as many businesses are looking to integrate into smaller offices to work in. We will also have more development in the industrial business park of Jurong that caters to factory workers.

People all believe this property offers one of the best convenience and luxury feel. With more development yet to be announced in JLD, we can expect more growth in this in the future.

Thought consensus of the public


With Jurong Regional Line(JRL) and Cross Island Line(CRL) set to be completed by 2027 and 2032 respectively, there are more growth opportunities within the area.



J’Den is designed by Surbana Jurong Consultant Pte Ltd.; a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consulting firm, with over 70 years of track record in successful project delivery.



The unit sizes are quite generous as compared to other recent new launches.

Unit Size


Apart from the 2-bedder units(not bad), the 3 and 4-bedder could have had a better layout to avoid long foyers and cramp entrances. However, you can still customize the layout to suit your needs better.

Efficiency Layout


The best that Jurong will have to offer. Great food and places to visit around the area.



Apart from the usual swimming pool and gym facilities. J’den offers a lazy river for its residents to enjoy relaxing in.

Varieties of Facilities


J’den will be the first mix-use development within Jurong. Making this very development exclusive to just their residences.



Developer CapitalLand is the largest commercial property developer in Singapore. They have established many large shopping malls such as Vivocity and Plaza Singapura.



While traveling around Jurong can be quite packed during the peak hours, this crowd should die off more once more public transportation is built around Jurong.



Definitely the most connected place in Singapore. JLD will have 4 different train stations and 1 bus station station less than 5 minutes away from J’Den.

Public Transport


While there aren’t any prestigious schools around the area, there are plenty of schools that can be easily accessible via public transport.




Price Point


The biggest risk to J’Den is becoming its neighbor Big Box; a shopping mall that shut down due to the lack of customers. However, we shouldn’t be too worried since the developer is known to be one of the best commercial developers in Singapore.

Risk Factors


Definitely! With 60% of their unit catered towards 1 and 2 bedder, we can expect a lot of investor taking notice of this development.

Investment Opportunity


Property Review

Here at PropertyMom, we look at 15 different pointers to share with our client what our expectation of the property is:




2 Jurong East Central 1, Singapore


 99 years

No. of Unit






Site Area


Expected TOP


J’Den Price Trend

When I first read about J’Den, I thought it was exactly like The Reserve Residence. Another mixed-use development that’s completed with:

  • Well-connected public transportation and roads directly to expressway

  • Wide array of well-known food amenities to choose from

  • Property focused on sustainable living space

  • 10-minute walk to nature reserve

But unlike The Reserve Residence, I thought J’Den has way more amenities and entertainment to choose from. For property investors, The Reserve Residence is starting for $2,300psf while we can expect J’Den to come in around the same.

Let's take a look at The Reserve Residence price list to have a rough gauge of what the price of the J'Den bedroom property price launch would be.

Want To Have A Tour Of the ShowRoom?

If you would like to enter the show flat for J’Den, be sure to leave your contact information below and we will reach out to you!

Unit Type

Unit Price

From PSF

1 Bedroom

1 Bedroom + Study

2 Bedroom + 2 Bath

2 Bedroom + Study

3 Bedroom + 2 Bath

4 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

From $1.1 Mil


From $1.2 Mil


From $1.57 Mil


From $1.85 Mil


From $2.19 Mil


From $3,4 Mil


From $4.2 Mil


Snow City

Snow City is Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow centre. A family-centric attraction centre, Snow City receives an average patronage of some 250,000 visitors from around the world!

It’s a popular weekend getaway for families that enjoy spending time playing in snow especially in Singapore’s hot tropical climate.


Within a 10 minute walking distance away from J’Den, a popular clubhouse that attracts young adults is Chevrons. The clubhouse offers a wide array of sports activity such as:

  • Swimming pool

  • Fitness Gym

  • Boulder+ (popular workout area⭐)

For entertainment, the level 1 and 2 area is catered toward it. They have lounges, winery, dart and pool room for guests to enjoy themselves.

The place is also a great family gathering area that offers chalet and bungalow booking for anyone looking to have a quick family gathering in the area.

Thanks for submitting!


J’Den has no shortfall when it comes to amenities, if you have been to the area, there are quite a number of things you can do within the area.

Location, Location, Location

Now, one of the best selling points of J’Den has to be the locality and the number of amenities within the area.

J’Den Insight

Going for mixed-use development has been a popular trend that buyers are looking for. There are a total of 10 different reasons why mixed-use developments like J’Den will be popular:


1. Convenience

Mixed-use developments combine residential, commercial, and sometimes even recreational spaces within the same complex. This means residents have easy access to a variety of amenities, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, and entertainment options, all within walking distance.

If you are done with J’Den, there is still Westgate, Jem, and IMM shopping center to explore. This convenience saves the residents time and effort and enhances their overall living experience. This factor alone is the major selling point when it comes to mixed-use development.


Primary School


Let’s look at how far each primary school is:


Distance from J’Den

Fuhua Primary School

600m | 6 min walking distant

Yuhua Primary School

1.6km | 17 min by public transport

Jurong Primary School

2.4 | 19 min by public transport

Princess Elizabeth Primary School

2.8km | 30 min by public transport

Distance from J’Den

Crest Secondary School

1.5km | 16 min by public transport 

Bukit Batok Secondary School

2.9km | 32 min by public transport

Commonwealth Secondary School

3.0km | 15  min by public transport

Yuhua Secondary School

3.2km | 28 min by public transport

Canadian International School

3.2km | 32 min by public transport

Jurong Secondary School

3.5km | 29 min by public transport

Yuvabharathi International School

3.8km | 36 min by public transport



Apart from that, Jurong is directly beside D5 Clementi, which is a popular area with plenty of tertiary education. We have seen prices of D5 raise over the last few years with many million dollar HDB coming from that region. Let’s take a look at how far these tertiary education are:


Distance from J’Den

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

5.8km | 25 min by public transport

Singapore Polytechnic

6.8km | 21 min by public transport

Jurong Junior College

5.8km | 30 min by public transport

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

7.7km | 25 min by public transport

Definitely, J’Den has plenty of schools to choose for your kids around the region.

  • This Singapore Condo is slated for completion in 2027.

  • The development is by CapitaLand Development, a renowned property developer with extensive experience in residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

  • J'Den Condo offers a range of facilities, including a swimming pool, play area, gymnasium, clubhouse, BBQ pits, and green spaces.

  • Jurong East MRT Station is just a 3-minute walk from the development, and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) are easily accessible.

  • Yes, there are numerous schools and healthcare facilities within a 2.5 km radius, including Yu Hua Primary School, Fu Hua Primary School, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, and Jurong Community Hospital.


Home | Jden

Jurong National Library

Now if you prefer somewhere quiet and conducive to work in, J’Den is directly located beside the Jurong National Library, which is one of the largest libraries in Singapore. If you love to read or looking for a place to work in, the 3rd level is catered to the public as a study area.


The JLD has a wide array of primary, secondary, and International schools that parents might be interested in sending their kids to. With great connectivity to the public transportation system, it’s easy to get around all these places within half an hour.

Public Transport

J’Den is strategically located within walking distance to retail malls such as Westgate, IMM, and Jem. It is just within 5-minutes walking distance from Jurong East MRT, which is a distance away from the noise produced by the 3 different MRT lines (Red, Green, and light Blue).


The MRT line is also coupled with a temporary bus interchange which would be integrated within the Jurong Region line by 2027 for better connectivity for the public. The timing fit exactly when J’Den would TOP.


Although having a massive public transportation system means you are within the busy district of the buzzing JLD, it is still a safe distance away from where most of the crowds are in Westgate and JEM.


For drivers, J’Den is located between PIE and Teban Flyover that’s well connected for drivers to travel to the central or north of Singapore.

For drivers who frequently travel around the JLD, you would realise a few notable roads that typically have major traffic jams during the peak hour. J’Den is able to avoid most of the hectic traffic jams because of its unique location away from the busy shopping district.


The green arrow drawn shares the ideal road to drive to J’Den carpark. As shown, it avoids most of the major traffic areas drawn in red, which avoids many of the major shopping centres.

Another great example that reflects J’Den property value is J Gateway which is located just beside Westgate. The property is currently going for $1,935psf and has risen quite substantially from $1,615psf in 2020. With more development happening within the area, this property value is expected to increase over the next few years.

With more updated information given to us every year regarding the JLD, you could expect the value of the J’Den to increase over time with new and upcoming developments.

Jurong Lake Garden

Within the 1km radius, there are plenty of relaxed corners for you to enjoy. You can find the National Library south of where J’Den is, and if you walk another 10 minutes, you can enjoy the lush greenery of Jurong Lake Garden.

Jurong Lake Gardens is the ideal retreat for families. The 2.3-hectare Forest Ramble is the largest nature-themed play space in the heartlands, and boasts 13 distinct installations for children. The hotspot is an ideal area for joggers or for young couples to enjoy the nice weekend.

Exceptional Accessibility

With J’Den launch, we can expect more overhead bridges being build around, thus avoiding having to walk under the sun or in the rain.

Tallest Building in Jurong

J’Den will be the tallest building in Jurong standing at over 40 storeys and 3 storey basement carpark. Both the North and Side faces are unblocked and overlook one of the best views. The North view faces the Chinese garden and the up-and-coming greenery of Tengah. The South side faces the West coast where residents overlook the seaside view of Singapore.    

Unique Amenities

Have you heard of a private condo that has a lazy river? J’Den will be the first private property to offer it and it will definitely raise the level of comfort and luxury status of this development.

USP of J’Den

J’Den ShowFlat

The layout for the 2 bedder is similar to many other new launches. No surprise since this is one of the most compact layouts.

However, we feel that the layout of the 3 bedder can be quite cramped especially since the kitchen and all the bedrooms are linked to one common foyer. If you are looking to break down the wall for a bigger space, there is a lot to play around with for the 3 bedder.

These days, private condos are often fitted with their private lift. This private lift is well-located in the middle of your home, making it friendly for residence to walk around. We really liked were the kitchen is built with even space to put an island table in between.

For the bedrooms, you can look into combining them to make into a study room or some sort.

Number of Units

A total of 60% of J’Den units are 1 ~ 1 bedder unit, making this property an investment type.

For the number of units, it is quite reasonable and has a good potential of choice to exit the market in the future.

For the facings, all the units have good facings with North-West having the view of the Chinese Garden and the South view having the seaside view of the West Coast.

Apart from that, the layout always residence to be near the body of water below, giving a more chiller environment during warmer weather.

Growth Potential

There are still many empty white plots in Jurong yet to be developed which can potentially raise the value of J’den. URA recently launched a 6.5ha site area, with a site this big, there are many choices developers can play around with it.

From private properties, new offices, or small industrial area. Who knows, what matters most is we can expect more growth for J’Den.

Customizable Space

Don't like where the study room is or would like to arrange it closer to the Master?


J'Den's layout provides extensive opportunities for customization and the freedom to tailor the spaces to your own lifestyle needs and preferences.

Bespoke Provision

1 an 2-bedder units come equipped with an innovative induction hob concealed under the countertop, which conveniently transforms from a stove to a worktop, optimizing space when you need it.

The 4-bedroom unit boasts a spacious kitchen with a distinctive island kitchen countertop, where culinary creativity thrives, celebrations come to life and connections with loved ones thrive.

A unique essential addition to the 3 and 4 bedder-bedroom units is the Integrated filtered water kitchen tap, delivering both mixer and filter functions for pure drinking water.

Lastly, the 3 and 4-bedroom units come with Sensowash, a smart toilet bidet complete with a remote and app for the ultimate customization, a distinctive luxury in the master bathrooms.


2. Work-Life Balance

Imagine having everything you need in front of your doorstep. Wouldn’t that be great?


With offices and commercial spaces located just a few stops away, mixed-use developments allow residents to reduce commuting time and improve work-life balance. This is especially appealing to busy professionals and families who value having more time for leisure activities and spending time with loved ones.


3.Vibrant Lifestyle

Mixed-use developments create a lively and dynamic environment by bringing together people from different backgrounds, creating a sense of community, and fostering social interactions. The diverse mix of residential and commercial spaces adds to the vibrancy of the neighborhood, making it an attractive place to live.

Our TakeAway

We love J’Den! It definitely a great choice for busy business owners or people who are just looking to improve their standard of living.


For investors looking to invest in J’Den, it can be a great buying opportunity if the developer is able to set the psf at just the right price. If you would like to know more about this, then, feel free to reach out to us!


4. Transportation Connectivity

The construction for Cross Island line stations in Clementi will start in Q1 2024, and hopefully, without any delay, it will be launched before the TOP of J’Den. With more connectivity to places, it will help to increase the valuation of J’Den.


5. Capital Appreciation

Mixed-use developments often have a higher potential for capital appreciation due to their desirable locations and the presence of various amenities. The combination of residential and commercial components contributes to the development's value and may lead to better long-term investment prospects for buyers.

J'Den is poised for sustained growth and remarkable growth in line with the URA's master plan for Jurong Lake District. There are still many white open spaces left that can be built. With future condominiums being built around the area, it will further increase the valuation of J’Den.

A. Comfort Living

While many mix-use developments emphasize convenience as the main selling point. Another point that’s often left out is comfort living.


How comfortable are you living in this condominium plays a huge factor when you are looking for an own-stay apartment. J’Den covers just that!

An emphasis by the developers is how much work goes into picking the right features to help future homeowners fit into their homes more comfortably. Each bedroom unit has its very own added features to the condo and it helps to elevate the experience of future homeowners in J’Den.

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