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Altura EC; Highly Anticipated Executive Condo in the West for 2024

Updated: Jun 3

Altura EC; Highly Anticipated Property in the West for 2023
Highly Anticipated Executive Condo in the West for 2024

Looking for the best in the West?

Altura EC is an upcoming executive condominium development located in the heart of the mature town of Bukit Batok, Singapore.

With its close proximity to numerous amenities, excellent connectivity, and lush green surroundings, it is no wonder that this development has become highly sought after by first-time homebuyers and upgraders alike.

With more estate being built around the region, this property might just be the most premium home in the region. Isn’t that awesome?

What Singaporeans Should Look Out For

This article serves as an “all-in-one” guide for Singaporeans looking to find the best property and highest potential ROI(return of investment). It will be broken down based on:

  • about the developer

  • opinion on why investors/buyers are interested in this investment

  • layout to look at

  • what investors should be looking out for

At the end of this article, you should be able to get a rough understanding of the property market and whether Altura is a good buy for you.

10 Reasons Why This Project is So Popular

If you have been staying in Bukit Batok, you will know that private properties in the region are pretty rare. That’s why having private property in this area is considered a flex.

1. Accessibility to MRT Stations and Major Expressways

Accessibility to MRT Stations and Major Expressways

For those who prefer to drive, the development is conveniently located near PIE(Pan-Island Expressway), which stretches across Singapore and connects to various areas, such as Jurong East, Toa Payoh, Bedok, and Changi Airport. This expressway is one of Singapore's most important transportation arteries, seamlessly connecting residents to different island corners.

If you would like to take the public transport, you do have to take the bus 991 to get from place to place. Here are the 3 MRT stations that you can travel to:



Tengah Plantation MRT

970m/ 15min walk/ 3 bus stops away

​Bukit Batok MRT

1.6km/ 20min walk/ 5 bus stops away

Bukit Gombak MRT

1.6km/ 20min walk/ 5 bus stops away

2. Proximity to a Wide Range of Amenities

When it comes to property investing, a crucial lookout point Close proximity to a multitude of amenities, catering to the needs of residents.

The nearby shopping centers currently available would include Le Quest Mall which is within 5 minutes walking distance. These malls offer a diverse range of retail options, allowing residents to easily access daily necessities and enjoy shopping and dining experiences.

If you are a golfer, lucky you! The project is just a 5-minute walk away from Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS. Got kids, there are paid caretaking services and also other entertainment such as bowling, laser tag, or pool. Best of all for you who love to drink out there, the CC has a bar right next to the golf range for you to enjoy your time there.

Now If you explore a little bit further, there is Beauty World Centre, The Rail Mall, HillV2, and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre just a 10-minute drive away.

3. Nestled within Lush Greenery and Nature Parks

URA Masterplan around Altura EC
URA Masterplan

If you are someone who appreciate green living and a serene environment, this investment has what you are looking for.

The development is surrounded by nature and greenery, offering stunning views of nearby Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park. This park features various walking trails, fitness areas, and even a butterfly garden, providing residents with a tranquil space to unwind and connect with nature.

Other nearby parks include Bukit Batok Nature Park, Little Guilin, and Dairy Farm Nature Park, offering a wide range of recreational activities and beautiful landscapes. The upcoming Tengah Town development, which will be fully developed in 2027, will also incorporate dedicated spaces for farming and gardening, further enhancing the green living experience for residents.

4. Close Proximity to Renowned Schools and Educational Institutions

There is no shortfall of schools to choose from in this area!

This location is strategically located near several established schools and educational institutions, making it an ideal choice for families with school-going children. Some of these schools include:

  • Dazhong Primary School

  • Swiss Cottage Secondary School

  • St. Anthony's Primary School

  • Dunearn Secondary School

  • Bukit Batok Secondary School

  • Millennia Institute

  • Dulwich International College.

Moreover, the upcoming Anglo-Chinese School, scheduled to open in 2030, will be within 1 km of the development, further adding to the appeal for families seeking quality education for their children.

5. The Deferred Payment Scheme: A Convenient Financial Option

Eligible buyers can opt for Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS), allowing them to manage their mortgage payments more effectively.

Under this scheme, buyers only need to pay for their property upon its completion, alleviating the financial burden of having to pay for both their HDB and EC simultaneously. This option is particularly popular among buyers with existing HDB loans who wish to upgrade to an executive condominium without additional financial strain.

If you are interested to know more about the property market or want to work with somebody, be sure to reach out to me!

6. Potential for Capital Appreciation and High Rental Yields

The development of Tengah Town and the Jurong Lake District and the construction of new MRT stations is expected to boost property values in the vicinity.

As the surrounding areas become more developed and attractive, property prices in Bukit Batok may rise, providing a potential capital appreciation for property owners.

With the increased demand for properties in the area due to improved connectivity and amenities, property owners may also enjoy higher rental yields as more people seek to rent properties in the vicinity.

Right now, Jurong district is pricing in at $2,000 psft and is only pricing at $1,300 psft. This amount is considered a steal if you were to consider the future development around the West region.

Potential for Capital Appreciation and High Rental Yields

If you aren't familiar, the Jurong Lake District will be further revamped to increase its capacity for residential and commercial use. Take note that the Lakegarden Residence itself is already selling for over $2,000psf.

Therefore, the expected psf around the area is most definitely going to increase over the next few years.

7. Developer Renowned for EC

QingJian Realty working on Altura EC

Developed by Qingjian Realty Pte Ltd, has an estimated site area of 12,449.3 sqm and is expected to yield approximately 360 residential units. You can check out their website by clicking the link here.

It's also good to know that QingJian Realty Pte Ltd has also developed multiple ECs and condo projects all around Singapore. Many of their property such as the most recent transaction of Le Quest which is directly 2 blocks away has done well.

Since MOP in 2020, Le Quest has seen a spike in earnings with its pricing jumping 6% from 1,535psft to 1,626psft in 3 years. The condominium has a healthy amount of transaction of 25 for its 3 bedder and almost all investor has earned from their property investment.

Therefore, it would be surprising to see another win for the developer.😊

8. Ideal for First-Time Homebuyers

Altura EC's Layout

With its excellent location, comprehensive facilities, and potential for capital appreciation, this project is an ideal choice for first-time homebuyers. The development offers a unique combination of accessibility, amenities, and green living, making it a perfect blend of all the essential elements for a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

Moreover, the availability of the Deferred Payment Scheme allows eligible buyers to manage their financial commitments more effectively, making it an attractive option for buyers who can only pay at a later date.

9. Peaceful and Low Noise Area

Investors often underestimate the significance of knowing the location of main roads. When it comes to this project, there are only a couple of two-lane roads intersecting the area, and they are conveniently situated away from major roads with heavy traffic, thus ensuring a pleasant and pollution-free environment.

10. Family Orientated

If you plan to invest in this property, you will most likely have a group of family-friendly people around who can support each other as a community.

Is this the Right Investment for Me?

There are several reasons why Singaporeans are inclined to invest in ECs. They are:

If you would like to understand the step-by-step process of getting an EC property, you can check out this article here.

Am I Eligible for the Property?

To determine your eligibility for an EC in Singapore, you need to meet certain criteria set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Here are the general requirements:

  • Citizenship: You must be a Singapore Citizen.

  • Age: You need to be at least 21 years old.

  • Family Nucleus: You must form a valid family nucleus to purchase an EC. A family nucleus can consist of:

a. You and your spouse (if married).

b. You and your spouse-to-be (fiancé/fiancée) under the condition that you register your marriage within three months of taking possession of the EC.

c. You, your parents, and any siblings (if unmarried).

d. You and your children are under your legal custody and care (if you are a widowed or divorced person).

  • Income Ceiling: The combined monthly income of all members in your family nucleus must not exceed a certain income ceiling, which is currently set at $16,000.

  • Ownership of Property: You and your spouse, fiancé, or any of the essential family members listed above must not:

a. Currently own any private residential property (local or overseas).

b. Have disposed of any private residential property within the last 30 months.

c. Have acquired more than one subsidized housing unit (e.g., HDB flat, DBSS flat, or EC) previously.

  • Minimum Occupation Period (MOP): If you or any of your essential family members own an HDB flat, DBSS flat, or EC, you must have met the MOP of 5 years before applying for a new EC.

What the Future of This Development Looks Like

If you are looking for a family-orientated community, this investment is the right choice for you. The perfect blend of accessibility, amenities, and green living, makes it a highly sought-after development for first-time homebuyers and upgraders alike.

With its strategic location, modern living features, and potential for capital appreciation, Bukit Batok EC is set to become an attractive investment for both families and young professionals seeking a comfortable and contemporary living space.

Want to Know More?

Finding the perfect home can be really difficult when there are so many to choose from and people to work around. That’s why many first-time buyers approach me to get the best deal in the market for their property!

Upcoming EC Available:

North Gaia EC (616 units)

EC in the pipeline

If you are interested to know more about the property market or want to work with somebody, be sure to reach out to us!

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