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Clementi (D5) – Why is it a Popular Area Buyers are Looking Out For

Updated: Mar 27

Clementi (D5) – Why is it a Popular Area Buyers are Looking Out For
Clementi (D5) – Why is it a Popular Area Buyers are Looking Out For

Welcome to Clementi, the school haven in District 5, where education thrives and dreams soar high. From the early years of primary school to the advanced stages of tertiary education, Clementi is simply the one-stop solution to every parent's concerns when finding schools around the area.

Over the last few years, Clementi has boasted a number of million-dollar HDBs, buyers believe that spending this amount of money in the long term is worth every penny. If you are looking to buy a property in Clementi but unsure of the investment commitment, here's what you need to know.

Clementi - A Gem for Early Education

When buying property for parents looking for the best education, two places come to mind, D5 and D10; that’s Clementi and Bukit Timah. Here’s a look at D5 Clementi and the number of schools within the area.

Clementi - A Gem for Early Education
Clementi - A Gem for Early Education

It’s mind-boggling to have that many education institutes within the area. Some of these schools are even considered to be prestigious schools to be in. Let’s take a look at the types of schools Clementi has to offer.

What Primary Schools are there in Clementi

There are 4 different primary schools available at Clementi, they are:

  • Clementi Primary School

  • Nan Hua Primary School

  • Qifa Primary School

  • Pei Tong Primary School

  • NUS High School of Math and Science

These schools are all within 1~2km away from Clementi MRT, making them one of the most accessible schools to go to. However, when buying a property in Clementi, many parents would prefer locations within 1km of Nan Hua Primary School to get priority admission.

What Primary Schools are there in Clementi
What Primary Schools are there in Clementi

Here’s a look at the priority admission in the given order:

  1. Singapore Citizens (SC) living within 1km of the school.

  2. SCs living between 1km and 2km from the school.

  3. SCs living outside 2km of the school.

  4. Permanent Residents (PR) living within 1km of the school.

  5. PRs living between 1km and 2km of from school.

  6. PRs living outside 2km of the school.

Nan Hua Primary School is considered a prestigious school within the Central Clementi, hence, property within the 1km area fetches at a higher price. As a result, we have seen many $1 million HDB coming from this area.

What Secondary Schools are there in Clementi

Once your child completes his/her primary education, we can look forward to 5 Secondary Schools in Clementi to choose from. They are:

  1. Clementi Town Secondary School

  2. Nan Hua High School

  3. Commonwealth Secondary School

  4. Kent Ridge Secondary School

  5. School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Nan Hua High School would be the most prestigious secondary education within the Clementi area. Here’s a look at the cut-off point benchmark to enter schools within Clementi:

What Secondary Schools are there in Clementi
What Secondary Schools are there in Clementi

SAP= Special Assistance Plan

*School of Science and Technology is an applied program for individuals interested in special programs for technology.*

What Higher Studies are there in Clementi

Once the student has completed their secondary education, the next phase of education is either choosing between a JC (Junior College) or a Polytechnic. Once that’s done, they could continue their education in university for their degree or Masters.

The schools within the area are as follows:

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Singapore Polytechnic

  • SIM (Singapore Institute of Management)

  • SUSS (Singapore Institute of Social Science)

  • ACS (Independent)

  • NUS (National University of Singapore)

These schools are well-connected to Clementi either by bus or MRT which typically takes about 5~15 min to travel around.

3 Parts of Clementi for You to Look At

If you are interested in buying a property in Clementi, there are 3 different locations that can be broken down as buying property in the North, Central, or South of Clementi.

1. Clementi Central

Located at the heart of the town, with an abundance of amenities and services nearby. It features a bustling shopping mall, Clementi Mall, which offers a range of dining, retail, and entertainment options.

This area is perfect for those looking for convenience and a vibrant lifestyle. For investors, properties here tend to appreciate well due to the strategic location and comprehensive facilities. We have seen all over the news the high valuation of houses around the area, with multiple 5-bedroom HDBs going for over $1 million.

Clementi Central accessibility to the latest MRT
Clementi Central accessibility to the latest MRT

What's more, with the new and upcoming CRL (Cross Island Line) coming in 2032, residents within the Clementi area would get to enjoy better travel convenience to the East side of Singapore.

2. Sunset Way (North)

Sunset Way is a serene residential enclave that appeals to those who prefer a quieter and more tranquil living environment. Surrounded by lush greenery, this neighborhood is ideal for families and individuals seeking a peaceful atmosphere.

Properties like Pinetree Hill Residence which launched in July 2023 encompasses a 75% greenery area to 25% residential area. The property faces the Clementi forest, making the area much cooler than other parts of Clementi.

Sunset Way (North) has a new launched called the Reserve Residences
Sunset Way (North) has a new launched called the Reserve Residences

Sunset Way is adjacent to Holland, which falls under the core central region (CCR). This allows buyers to potentially benefit from the increase in property values in Holland Village without paying CCR property prices.

While it may not have the same level of commercial amenities as Clementi Central, its exclusivity and charm make it an attractive option for both own-stay and investment. With a new Maju Cross Island MRT Line coming in 2032, we may see more capital appreciation within the area.

3. West Coast (South)

West Coast is a subzone located in the town of Clementi. The area is considered the South of the Clementi region that is right beside the seaside. Over the last few years, we have seen multiple properties being built within the area such as Clavon and The Clement Canopy.

When it comes to more affordable landed housing, many buyers prefer buying the landed area within this region for its affordability, land size, and tranquillity.

As long as you have a vehicle to travel around with, this location has a direct straight drive down towards Vivocity and Sentosa. With the new upcoming West Coast Cross Island Line(CRL), accessing this location in the future wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Clementi – Invest or Own-Stay?

Given how much capital appreciation Clementi has raised over the last few years, it's no surprise this location is also closely monitored by investors.

For parents looking to send their kids to an elite school without having to pay for a landed property like the Bukit Timah area, Clementi Central is something for you to look at.

Here’s our research that shows the transaction data of a 10-year period for properties that are within a 1km radius of Nan Hua Primary School.

10 year price movement of Clementi Central

While buying a D5 Clementi property may be expensive, we can still expect further growth around the area. Every parent wants the best for their children, and paying an extra 15%~30% more for a property is reasonable when you look ahead decades later where all your children's education can be found within the area.

However, if you want to find the best value and location for your children in Clementi but don’t know how to find them. Be sure to reach out to us! We will be happy to serve you and find the best one in Clementi!

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